Jun 042012

I didn’t see the “ring of fire” eclipse on May 20th, but…

I did meet Katy Jones of imagingermonkey as well as many other super fantastic people!!

Much more about that later!

I was extremely fortunate that Kelly of superbuzzy asked me to accompany her to Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City!!  My very first Market!  I was thrilled. 😀

I purchased the largest suitcase allowed.  My plan was to pack lightly for the trip to leave plenty of room for Market goodies.  Best laid plans…

Little did I know that my brand name, $120 suitcase (cheap by quality standards, but hey, it was new) would not hold up to the weight of  my wee Siamese, Tennessee.  Here he is, revisiting the scene of the crime.

Who knew that a 9 pound cat, jumping on a partially packed suitcase would split the closed zipper?  Not me!

Now I know why a woman at the store was asking the luggage expert about metal versus vinyl zippers.  Waaaa!!!

What to do?  Ask Mr. A to borrow his carry-on sized suitcase or try to fix mine?

Well, Mr. A came to the rescue by completely unzipping the luggage and then zipping it up again with both zippers.  It worked, but I lost the ability to unzip from middle to either end. Not a problem.

Did I stop worrying about it? No.  I kept imagining it sliding down the luggage carousel conveyor belt at the airport, totally split open with all it’s contents spilling out. 😯

Could I sleep? No!

Would it hold?  Did it make it to Kansas City? …………….

Yes it did!!!

Stay tuned for the next chapter…