Dec 102013

One of the first quilters’ blogs I read was Katy Jones’, I’m a Ginger Monkey.  I love her wit, charm and talent. I could go on and on about what an inspiration she is to me.   If you know me, you already know, in detail, how wonderful she is. 🙂  I was beyond excited to hear that she is getting her own show on  You have to check out the video. The production quality is awesome.  It looks to be a beautifully crafted show.  I can’t wait until January!!!

Quilt Monkey from Artisan Media on Vimeo.






  One Response to “Quilt Monkey!!”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful informative show! It is going to be great fun to watch one of your favorites when the show airs 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend, Maureen!

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