Dec 142013

I had no doubt.

We left work early.  Got on the road at 4:15 pm.  Friday night traffic into LA.  What was a normal 1 hour, 1 1/2 hour drive turned into a 2 1/2 hour crawl.  Were we stressed? NO! Did it matter? NO!  Because this drive would be well worth it when we reached our destination.  We would get the chance to spend a couple of hours with Alissa Haight Carlton, her friends and family, at the launch party for her new fabric line, Modern Solids held at the fabulous Sew Modern.

OMG!  What fun we had!!  We were greeted immediately by the lovely Liz with a wonderful libation and hugged by the fabulous owner of Sew Modern, Lauren, who thanked us for making the drive in Friday night traffic.   I couldn’t imagine NOT attending.  We had the chance to purchase Alissa’s super cool fabric plus spend the evening with some really awesome people!!!  Yes, I mean you Lisa. 😀

Did I actually get any photos of them? No.  I was too dazzled by all the fabric, sorry!  And the cuteness.  See photo evidence below:

Just inside the door at Sew Modern

Just inside the door at Sew Modern


Sew Modern holiday tree

Holiday cuteness at Sew Modern


Alissa's fabulous quilt

Alissa’s fabulous quilt using Modern Solids -sorry about the blurries


more Sew Modern cuteness

more Sew Modern cuteness!



A huge THANK YOU to everyone at Sew Modern for your kindness and hospitality.